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Why Choose NuAge Elastic Services? 

01. Support

Many cloud provider support plans do not match your business requirements. Some plans only cover basic infrastructure support and others only  offer advanced infrastructure support, but not application code execution, application code bugs or third party integrations. This lack on continuity of support features degrades service levels and creates an environment of frustration for business support and business owners.

NuAge elastic support desk provides 360 degrees of capability. NuAge is staffed with both certified cloud infrastructure and application code development engineers.  

02. Cost

The "Cloud Promise" of reduced IT operations cost is too often not achieved by many organizations due to additional cost of support. Many cloud providers charge a fixed monthly fee and additional percentage fees for advanced support. 

With NuAge, there are no commitments or fixed monthly fees. NuAge simply charges for a published hourly rate based on a customer selected skill level level. 

03. Engineering

While cloud offering an incredible range of flexibility for technology selection and development tools, the support personell for these functions and features are incredibly difficult to find and maintain. 

NuAge maintains a staff of over 250 full time Cloud Architects and Development engineers that are trained in modern development technologies and cloud server based and server-less architecture and networking. 

04. Cloud Native

While migration to the cloud should be based on application re-platforming, too often, IT staff are forced into a "lift and shift" migration methodology to meet management objectives. This behavior results in a very little opportunity to save money and shifts problems from one compute platform to another. 

NuAge elastic cloud services provides discovery tools and application re-platforming engines that can efficiently create a cloud test platform for leveraging low cost server-less and cloud native database, networking and content management services

05. Agility

NuAge provide 24x7 access to services globally. We support our clients with developments, infrastructure, networking and data sciences. Our agile "Just In Time" engineering and service support capabilities are proven and create high value business impact to our clients.  

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