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Database and Application Migration Services

The key advantages to cloud database migration are availability, scalability, reliability, and cost. Cloud infrastructure is scalable, and no capital investment is needed.


Although database migration in isolation (without migrating applications) is not impossible to accomplish, it may not be very feasible. When your application resides in-house and your database runs on an external server, life will not be easy. The two networks need to collaborate seamlessly to provide fast and optimum functioning. The process must work in most instances, otherwise it will not perform any better than it did in-house. That is also why it is recommended to migrate the entire application stack onto the cloud.

NuAge mapping, monitoring and management of the application and database migration packages offers economical methodology to migration complete  application packages to the cloud on a micro-services like delivery model. NuAge offer low risk impact and on-demand capability to move complete application stacks to cloud or from cloud to on-premise. 

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