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Network Solutions for the Cloud

Enterprise infrastructure is becoming more distributed – across the cloud, across co-located facilities and across remote sites and branch offices. This naturally produces a more challenging network environment than a traditional data center setting. But with the right mix of technologies, it can still provide optimal service for the bulk of the enterprise workload.

Speed, of course, is a top consideration for all data networks. However, in today’s virtual, software-defined world, flexibility and programmability are gaining in stature, driven primarily by the need for a single network topology to cater to multiple, disparate needs.

The main challenge in the cloud is distance. Regardless of how virtualized the infrastructure, at some point it has to reside on physical machines. The more separation between these machines, the longer it takes to exchange data.

But while this fact is incontrovertible, it is not the end of the story. Pushing management and analytics to the cloud while keeping application backends and APIs at home is a recipe for latency, but simply employing a lightweight, federated cloud gateway allows API runtimes to remain in the datacenter while analytics can be asynchronously pushed to a managed service provider (MSP).

Nuage cloud architecture experience is proven in our successful designs and experience with networking and simplification of the cloud integrations. We rely on our client application and security architecture assessment to deliver optimal solutions for end user performance while considering cost. Nuage culture is driven toward solutions that optimize inter-cloud network traffic. This enables our clients to enjoy better performance for lower cost. 

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